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In addition to the Highway Browser functionality here to search for routes by system and region, TM's Route Finder can help search for routes by other criteria.

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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
3cannfABCroTrl (Crowchild Trail)AB CroTrlpreviewab.crotrl
3cannfABSheParkFwy (Sherwood Park Freeway)AB SheParkFwypreviewab.sheparkfwy
3cannfBCGolEarsWay (Golden Ears Way)BC GolEarsWaypreviewbc.golearsway
3cannfBCKniSt (Knight Street)BC KniStpreviewbc.knist
3cannfNSBedByp (Bedford Bypass)NS BedByppreviewns.bedbyp
3cannfONAllRd (Allen Road)ON AllRdpreviewon.allrd
3cannfONDonValPkwy (Don Valley Parkway)ON DonValPkwypreviewon.donvalpkwy
3cannfONECRowExpy (EC Row Expressway)ON ECRowExpypreviewon.ecrowexpy
3cannfONGarExpy (Gardiner Expressway)ON GarExpypreviewon.garexpy
3cannfONHigAve (Highbury Avenue)ON HigAvepreviewon.higave
3cannfONLinAlePkwy (Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway)ON LinAlePkwypreviewon.linalepkwy
3cannfONRedHillPkwy (Red Hill Valley Parkway)ON RedHillPkwypreviewon.redhillpkwy
3cannfONRR174 (Queensway)ON RR174previewon.rr174
3cannfSKRingRd (Ring Road)SK RingRdpreviewsk.ringrd