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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2024-06-23NorwaynorrNorway Ringveiene i Oslopreview
2024-06-12NicaraguanicnicNicaragua Red Vial Nacionalpreview
2024-06-10South AfricazafrSouth Africa Main Provincial Roadsactive
2024-06-10South AfricazaffSouth Africa Select Freewayspreview
2024-06-03HondurashndrnsHonduras Rutas Nacionales Secundariaspreview
2024-06-01HondurashndrnpHonduras Rutas Nacionales Principalespreview
2024-05-31HondurasnacaRutas Centroamericanas (Honduras)preview
2024-05-28El SalvadornacaRutas Centroamericanas (El Salvador)preview
2024-05-28El SalvadorslvrnEl Salvador Rutas Nacionalespreview
2024-05-28El SalvadorslvsfEl Salvador Select Freewayspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2024-06-29(Canada) AlbertaGlenmore Trailab.gletrlRoute added.
2024-06-29(USA) MinnesotaMN 222(NONE)Deleted route
2024-06-29(USA) MinnesotaMN 30mn.mn030Route relocated north of Rochester Airport via CR 8/CR 16/US 63
2024-06-29(USA) MinnesotaUS 14 Busines (Dodge Center)(NONE)Deleted route
2024-06-29NorwayE6nor.e6Route relocated from through Kråkmoa and onto bypass (Kråkmotunnelen, opened in 2016)
2024-06-29NorwayE6nor.e6Route relocated from old alignemnt (Fv7327 now) and onto new alignment (with Åsnevtunnelen, Langmoåstunnelen and Åsbergtunnelen, opened in 2020) between Fv7333 and Fv7326 north of Mosjøen
2024-06-28(Spain) GaliciaA54espga.a054Exit numbers changed, including exits 84 and 93 swapping
2024-06-28(Spain) GaliciaSC30espga.sc30Route added
2024-06-28(UK) EnglandA30eng.a0030Route removed from B3288 and relocated onto Chiverton to Carland Cross dual carriageway between B3284 and southern junction with A39
2024-06-28(UK) EnglandB3288eng.b3288Route extended at east end from B3284 to A30/A39
2024-06-28(UK) EnglandB5410eng.b5410Route extended at south end from School Road to B5261
2024-06-27(USA) KansasKS 254 Truck (El Dorado)ks.ks254TrkElDRoute added.
2024-06-27(USA) KansasUS 54 Truck (El Dorado)ks.us054TrkElDExtended counterclockwise from the old end at US 54 on East Central Ave to the new end at US 54 on South Main St at Kansas Ave.
2024-06-27(USA) KansasUS 77 Truck (El Dorado)ks.us077TrkElDExtended counterclockwise from the old end at US 77 on North Main St to the new end at US 54 on South Main St at Kansas Ave.
2024-06-25(USA) ArkansasAR 335 (Newell)ar.ar335newRoute added.
2024-06-25(USA) ArkansasAR 335 (Norphlet)ar.ar335South end truncated from AR 15 to AR 7. Section from AR 15 to US 82 is now a separate AR 355 (Newell) route.
2024-06-25(USA) ArkansasAR 355 (Patmos)ar.ar355North end truncated from Kidd Landing to AR 174.
2024-06-25(USA) ArkansasAR 355Y(NONE)Route deleted.
2024-06-25(USA) ArkansasAR 367 (Cabot)ar.ar367South end truncated from AR 5/321 to AR 89. Section from AR 5/321 to Palisade Drive now designated as AR 367S (Cabot).
2024-06-25(USA) ArkansasAR 367S (Cabot)ar.ar367scabRoute added.