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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2023-01-22(France) Grand Estfragesm54Métropole du Grand Nancy Routes Métropolitainespreview
2023-01-21(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraaram63Clermont Auvergne Métropole Routes Métropolitainespreview
2023-01-21(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd19Corrèze Routes Départementalespreview
2023-01-09(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd16Charente Routes Départementalespreview
2023-01-02(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd86Vienne Routes Départementalespreview
2022-12-30(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd79Deux-Sèvres Routes Départementalespreview
2022-12-26(France) Pays-de-la-Loirefrapdld85Vendée Routes Départementalespreview
2022-12-20(France) Pays-de-la-Loirefrapdlm44Nantes Métropole Routes Métropolitainespreview
2022-12-19(France) Pays-de-la-Loirefrapdld44Loire-Atlantique Routes Départementalespreview
2022-12-16(France) Hauts-de-Francefrahdfd59Nord Routes Départementalesactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2023-01-26RomaniaDNVO24Frou.dnvo24fNew Route (Tecuci bypass)
2023-01-25(USA) MarylandMD 144 (New Market)md.md144newTruncated at west end from former endpoint near Royal Oak Drive to new endpoint at New Market town line.
2023-01-25(USA) MarylandMD 806 (Thurmont)md.md806thuTruncated at north end from Roddy Creek Road to Albert Staub Road and truncated at south end to remove MD 550 concurrency.
2023-01-24(USA) OhioI-280oh.i280Point label 6 renamed 6A, point label 6A renamed 6B
2023-01-24(USA) OhioI-471oh.i471Point label 7 changed to represent Liberty St exit, I-71 point added at end
2023-01-24(USA) OhioI-71oh.i071Point label 1J (the exit to I-471) renamed 1A to match signage, point label 1A renamed 1A(75)
2023-01-24(USA) OhioOH 17oh.oh017I-480(17) point moved to I-480 interchange, OH176_N point added for OH 176 ramps
2023-01-24(USA) OhioOH 289oh.oh289Removed from Lane Ave and relocated 1 block east to Fruit St via Oak St and Himrod Ave, US422_E point moved 1 block east, old US422_E point renamed US422_W
2023-01-24(USA) OhioOH 29oh.oh029East end moved 1/4 mile west between OldOH29 and US40
2023-01-24(USA) OhioOH 38 Truck (London)(NONE)Route deleted
2023-01-24(USA) OhioUS 36 Connector (Millwood)(NONE)Route deleted
2023-01-24(USA) OhioUS 40oh.us040CR214 point moved from Banfield Rd (I-70 point 218A, I-470 point 1) to High Ridge Rd (I-70 point 220), Banfield Rd point renamed CR28B
2023-01-24(USA) OhioUS 50 Business (Belpre)(NONE)Route deleted
2023-01-21(France) Nouvelle-AquitaineN520 (Romanet)(NONE)Route deleted
2023-01-21(USA) MarylandMD 331md.md331Truncated at south end from Old Ocean Gateway to US 50.
2023-01-20(Australia) New South WalesA4ausnsw.a004Route truncated at west end from former western junction with M4 (at Strathfield) to M4 at Haberfield
2023-01-20(Australia) New South WalesA44ausnsw.a044Route extended at east end from M4 at Strathfield to M4 at Haberfield
2023-01-20(Australia) New South WalesM4ausnsw.m004Route extended at east end from A4 at Five Dock / Paramatta Road junction to M8
2023-01-20(Australia) New South WalesM8ausnsw.m008Route extended at north end from Euston Road to M4
2023-01-19IcelandTH408(NONE)Route deleted