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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2023-04-23Austriaautl5Salzburg Landesstraßen 1. Ordnungpreview
2023-04-17(Australia) South AustraliaaussatdSouth Australia Tourist Drivespreview
2023-03-25AsiaasiahpUNESCAP Asian Highways (for preview)split
2023-03-25BangladeshbgdahBangladesh UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25BhtanbtnahBhutan UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25ChinachnahChina UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25IndonesiaidnahIndonesia UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25IndiaindahoIndia UNESCAP Asian Highways (old draft)preview
2023-03-25CambodiakhmahCambodia UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25LaoslaoahLaos UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2023-06-04(France) Hauts-de-FranceD1016-59frahdf.d101659Route extended at south end from D115 to Rue Gustave Delory
2023-06-04(Germany) Schleswig-HolsteinB404 (Schwarzenbek)deush.b404Route relocated from Ernst-Schefe-Allee in Schwarzenbek and onto new northern bypass and Möllner Straße from north of Schwarzenbek to B207
2023-06-03(USA) CaliforniaCA 1ca.ca001North of Bodega Bay, route relocated from eroding coastal bluffs, and onto new viaduct over Scotty Creek floodplain, between Calle del Sol and OldCA1Gle_N
2023-06-02(UK) EnglandA4199eng.a4199Route added
2023-06-02PolandDK63 (?om?a)pol.dk063lomRoute extended at north end from S61 exit 4 to S61 exit 5
2023-06-02PolandS61 (?om?a)pol.s061lomRoute extended at north end from exit 4 to exit 5
2023-06-01(USA) ArizonaAZ 96az,az096Route extended south from intersection of Bagdad Road and Hillside Road to end of state maintenance outside of Hillside
2023-05-30LuxembourgA4lux.a004Route truncated at west end from N31 to west of Jonction Lankelz, and reextended to B40
2023-05-30LuxembourgB40lux.b040Route extended at north end from Porte des Sciences to A4
2023-05-29NorwayE69nor.e69Route relocated from costal route via old Skarvbergtunnelen and onto new alignment through new Skarvbergtunnelen from Skarvbergvika to south of Skarvbergtunnelen
2023-05-25(USA) MarylandMD 97md.md097Relocated onto new bypass of Brookeville
2023-05-22TurkeyAH86tur.ah086Route relocated on new alignment through Zigana Tunnel
2023-05-22TurkeyD885tur.d885Route relocated on new alignment through Zigana Tunnel
2023-05-22TurkeyE97tur.e97Route relocated on new alignment through Zigana Tunnel
2023-05-21(Germany) SaxonyS246deusn.s246Route relocated from through Oelsnitz and onto bypass between S255 and S256
2023-05-21(Germany) SaxonyS261deusn.s261Route relocated from Bahnstraße, and onto Talstraße from B95 to Wiesa
2023-05-20(USA) North CarolinaNC 22nc.nc022placed on new alignment near airport - new routing is between points WarWooRd and RusCt
2023-05-20(USA) North CarolinaNC 28nc.nc028rerouted in 2010 from Harrison Ave to Depot St in Franklin - new routing is between points US441Bus_S and BryCityRd_S
2023-05-20(USA) North CarolinaUS 441 Bus Franklinnc.us441busfraNC28_N waypoint was moved in 2010 and is now changed in TM to HarAve with alt name NC28_N not possible
2023-05-17IcelandTH424isl.th424New Route