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In addition to the Highway Browser functionality here to search for routes by system and region, TM's Route Finder can help search for routes by other criteria.

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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
2svkrSVKR1SVK R1activesvk.r001
2svkrSVKR1ASVK R1Aactivesvk.r001a
2svkrSVKR2 (Torna?a)SVK R2activesvk.r002
2svkrSVKR2 (Bánovce nad Bebravou)SVK R2Banactivesvk.r002ban
2svkrSVKR2 (Detva)SVK R2Detactivesvk.r002det
2svkrSVKR2 (Mytna)SVK R2Mytactivesvk.r002myt
2svkrSVKR2 (Ož?any)SVK R2Ozdactivesvk.r002ozd
2svkrSVKR2 (Zvolen)SVK R2Zvoactivesvk.r002zvo
2svkrSVKR3 (Oravský Podzámok)SVK R3activesvk.r003
2svkrSVKR3 (Horná Štub?a)SVK R3Horactivesvk.r003hor
2svkrSVKR3 (Trstená)SVK R3Trsactivesvk.r003trs
2svkrSVKR3 (Vrutky)SVK R3Vruactivesvk.r003vru
2svkrSVKR4 (Svidnik)SVK R4activesvk.r004
2svkrSVKR4 (Kechnec)SVK R4Kecactivesvk.r004kec
2svkrSVKR4 (Kosicke Olsany)SVK R4Kosactivesvk.r004kos
2svkrSVKR4 (Prešov)SVK R4Preactivesvk.r004pre
2svkrSVKR6SVK R6activesvk.r006
2svkrSVKR7SVK R7activesvk.r007